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More Secure; Easier to Manage

Windows XP Professional features a secure file system with encryption for sensitive information. Security-related administrative settings assure your system remains safe, secure, and private.

Windows XP Professional is also designed for easy management.

An enhanced backup utility, improved for easier use, makes it simple to regularly copy data onto magnetic tape, Zip® disks, and other storage media.

Automated System Recovery can even restore your operating system in case of disk failure.

Windows XP Professional can be deployed incrementally throughout your organization. Upgrading individual computers only as needed reduces costs and lets you take advantage of the new technology of Windows XP at your own pace.

Business computers linked via Windows 2000 Server software are a cinch to upgrade and manage using Remote Installation Services and Group Policies. These features let you install, configure, and manage individual computers as groups rather than single machines, and monitor them from a centralized location at great savings in time and support costs. next

Zip® is a registered trademark of Iomega Corporation.