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On the Road and Around the World

Read e-mail, view files, and run programs on your office computer from anywhere in the world. Windows XP Professional's advanced communication features put you in command of the latest mobile computing and cutting-edge wireless technologies.

Use Remote Desktop to view the screen of a computer running Windows XP Professional, over the Internet, from any other computer running Windows XP. That means you can "go to the office" from your laptop, your home computer, or from a client's office on the other side of the globe. It's like being in two places at once!

The secure wireless connections in Windows XP let you communicate and collaborate in real time—at the same moment things are happening—using voice, video, and instant messaging. There's no wasting time trying to hook up—you're automatically notified whenever another Windows XP-equipped wireless device is in range.

Windows XP Professional allows up to 10 Internet or other file-sharing connections simultaneously. Network bridging allows communication over wireless, Ethernet, and home phone lines all at the same time.

With Windows XP Professional, going mobile means no hassles. You're always connected! next